A Ramp for the Johnson Family


Bruce Johnson developed muscular dystrophy many years ago. Since then, he has lost his ability to walk and is bound to a wheelchair. Without the proper wheelchair ramp, his wife Karen, and their daughter, Susan, have a lot of difficulty getting him in and out of the house. Mr. Johnson not only struggles with his inability to walk but also the inability to provide for his family.
Since the Johnson family is on fixed incomes; they did not have enough resources to pay for the house repair themselves.
That is why our affiliate provided a grant to our Community partner in Tennessee to help provide materials needed for the project. Thanks to our supporters, partner, and volunteers, they now have a new roof, a wheelchair ramp, and a house that looks brand new because of the paint job. No longer is the house unsafe for Mr. Johnson.
Hope is restored in more ways than one. The Johnson’s bragged on all the workers who helped provide this for them. They said everyone was so kind and gentle with them, and it lifted their spirits. They especially loved having children and young adults around who made them feel special. Mrs. Johnson said, “This week has truly been a blessing to me and my family. The people out here working are kind and courteous. They never leave without coming in and telling me goodbye. I can’t believe they would come all the way from another state just to help me”.
Without support which helped to provide materials needed for this project, this family’s life could not have been changed.